About clodagh smith

clodagh smith

Love photographing absolutely anything with any kind of camera and have been doing it for over 40 years as a hobbyist. Background in fine arts especially painting. Had a darkroom for many years but now am digital with the exception of developing film and then scanning the negs for digital output. I love digi cams but do miss being able to just hold the negative up to the light instead of all the tedious filing one must do on the computer. But life is a compromise. My work is diaristic.....what does it mean to me? how do I feel?..that is what I want to shoot. It is basically all about me.

I call my page a "Visual Diary" because if you look at my portfolio you will see I am literally all over the map. My photos are records of what I see wherever I am, not following any particular theme or subject, just simply making visual notes about what I see and what calls out for further inspection.

Some photographers I admire are William Eggleston, Elliott Erwitt, Sylvia Plachy, Mary Ellen Mark, Henry Wessel, Nancy Rexroth, Diane Arbus, Alex Harris, Richard Misrach, Joel Myerowitz, Annie Liebovitz, Linda Connor, Patti Smith

I have work posted on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/lotsapix/sets/

2 of my photos have been selected for Aminus3 Spotlight Photography

Photography Equipment

vintage film cameras such as Leica IIIf and Hasselblad, pinhole cameras, snapshot and toy cameras, polaroid 250, various point and shoots and pentax 200D with these pentax lenses: 10-15 18-55 40 and 50 primes 28-80 55-200 75-300